A brand that has always decorated my closet with its gorgeous sarees, one whose pages I'd often find myself scrolling as a small escape into the world of color, fabric, and fashion is now one that has weaved itself into my heart even deeper. Today, my daughter's works have become a part of their collection 'To Amrit, With Love'.


Some time ago, my dear friend Stevie, sent us a stole and a pillowcase with her work printed on it. Stevie had only gifted us a stole, she also gifted us the idea to venture beyond the canvas. A dream we'd had from her first exhibition to one that is finally in fruition. 

The entire process has been one that was filled with so much joy and love. Suta's team constantly encouraged all the works and receiving such warmth from the team made the entire process such a joyous one.

Thank you Tanya and Sujata, for taking my daughter's paintings into these gorgeous sarees and for all the love and support you've provided us. Thank you Stevie, for igniting a spark. Thank you to my darling, Amrit, you created a home between yours and your mother's passion. 

Weaved with love, passion and warmth, 'To Amrit With Love' is now available.

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