Art from the soul

Solo show of Paintings and Ceramics by Amrit Khurana on this International Autistic Day

Amrit has had no formal education or training in art but that has never limited her expression of how she perceives the world around her. In the true essence of the meaning of her name ‘Nectar of Life’, Amrit spreads the nectar of her selfless love, her innocence, and her gentility and touches the very core of all those who come in contact with her.

Amrit’s art is her release from this chaotic world. Amrit does not confine her art within the boundaries of technique. Her lines are her strength and she prefers to paint in flat tones. Her paintings are vibrant as is her soul.

Let’s Give Back believes that it’s every person’s duty to give back to society as much as they can—in fact, it’s a joy. If we want to give back to society in the biggest way possible, sometimes the smallest acts are the kindest and richest. Delighted to share the ongoing ‘Solo Show of Paintings and Ceramics’ by Amrit Khurana – Artlife Gallery, Noida, inaugurated by Ms. Maneka Gandhi.

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