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A snoozing security guard, an inebriated man sitting on the side of the road or a domestic help resting after a day’s work.

All are unassuming characters we pass by without paying much attention.

However, these everyday characters form the subject of pencil sketches, paintings and ceramic works for 23-year-old artist Amrit Khurana.

Each frame provides a different perspective of what she has seen, absorbed and then expressed on paper.


Portraits of celebrities on television and in magazines, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, her teachers and classmates, and chillum -smoking sadhus in Haridwar — all have found space in Amrit’s second solo show, titled “Kaleidoscope”.

Besides the sketches, Amrit’s works also include ceramics and a series of vibrant paintings that the exhibition draws its name from.

What makes her works fascinating is that she is autistic. While the artist struggles to express herself in a conversation, she does so with ease while immersed in her art.


Amrit’s mother Aarti Khurana said: “Painting is her release, her escape and her way of fitting into the noisy and disorderly world. It is her way of connecting with people around her. She creates and performs not only because she is compelled to by the forces that make her unique, but also because it brings her tremendous joy.”

Amrit’s sketches are a response to the social reality around her, said her mother.

Jaspal Khurana, Amrit’s father, added: “By the time she was four, she was sketching well. By the time she was eight, she was expressing herself freely with the help of her drawing teachers. Amrit studied till Class VIII and fared well in all subjects apart from mathematics. After that, we were advised to let her follow her vocation.”

He said she absorbs the world around her like a grown up, but finds it tough to convey what she feels in words and therefore articulates her feelings by sketching.

Social integration

Ms. Khurana added that Amrit’s journey from isolation and limitations of her early years to the vastly increased social integration and competence she enjoys today has been a truly amazing experience.

“Art comes to her as naturally as breathing,” she said.

The exhibition is on at Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française de Delhi from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. till Tuesday.

What makes the 23-year-old artist's works extremely fascinating is the fact that she is autistic


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