"She's Different, Not Less" - Pioneer

Some with autism have taught us to think outside the box. AMRIT, one such young emerging artist, proved it true. By DIVYANI RAGHAV

Autism is not a disability, it’s a different ability and Amrit is justifying it in the finest way as she is making the uniqueness her strength which is an apt manner to tackle the situations. She sets the ace example of communication without words as she is a visual thinker, not a language based thinker. Some of the pictures among all the presentations range from Grandpa’s bedtime stories which is an actual replica of a young Amrit listening to a story from her grandfather to coffee house scene when she was sitting at a cafe and just clicked some random images.

This was the perfect illustration of how she draws from her imagination. Her paintings also included an ode to the potter of her family who baked all of her ceramic works. She also exhibited father’s day and the scooty date which relates to the incident when she was passing through a garden and the scooter rider passed the place by looking at the couple lying in the garden. Her creativity can also be sensed from her drawing of the image of togetherness which resembles a scene that she encountered in a lounge. Her recent exhibition Kaleidoscope at Alliance Francaise de Delhi is a fusion of sketches and colours. In this she has added elements in terms of doing work on furniture pieces and has done lot of ceramic work.

The title actually means that one get a glimpse and preview of soul of something. Moreover, it is a combination of figures and abstractions. Whatever she notice in a day-to-day life she transform it into images.

Amrit’s works were apt to be called as the testimony to the fact, ‘The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart’. Her art came out as a beautiful harmony of colours, rhythm of lines and forms. Nobody can remain untouched from the colour composition used in her artworks as it created a powerful and lasting effect. Moreover, her works are also being praised for strength of expression and warm colour tones. “She eventually stepped into the field of art when the arts department of my school sensed her talent. It was followed by our motivation and encouragement as from a very young age she had a pictographic memory and used to transfer the images on the paper”, said Aarti, Amrit’s mother.

She has gained no formal training in art which resulted in the rendition of transforming innocent and virgin depiction of the world around her. She has a unique style of her own to express. Her art do not focus on the basic elements and also she do not follow the human anatine in its actual form. Amrit’s art work was exclusive as she does not follow the realistic depiction of things. Her distinct style can also be found in pieces of pottery.

Aarti continued revealing about the challenges faced by her daughter. She concluded, “It was not easy for her to coin words together to tell what she felt. At this point of time transforming her frustration, happiness and anger into works of art was the major battle for her. There were also many sensory elements that obstructed her way, initially when she started working with clay she had to wash her hands every second because the clay would stick on to her fingers and she would feel very uncomfortable. Now, she has overcome these obstacles.”


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