Amrit Kala Aakar Paradigm X Painting 

Anna Lunch Seva
Bhaiyaji Smile
Banarsi chaat bhandar
Birju Bansari
Bhola Champi
Bombay Biscope
Brijwasi Sweets
Chander boot polish
Gamru Lohar
Gangaram Dhobi
Golu Provision Store
Ganpat Chaiwala
Namdev Shastri
Kalu Kumhar
Hariya Mochi
Pooran Halwai
Ustad Rahmat Ilahi
Tota Shastri-2
Tota Shastri
Punjab Di Lassi
Somraj Nadi Vaidya
Sheela Tailor

                                                                                     POSTCARDS FROM INDIA


Postcards from India showcases the almost lost or forgotten trades of India. One only needs to reminicise the days of our childhood when Champi walah’s, Biscope walah’s and the flute sellers were part of our daily lives. The corner shop selling mithai and the neighbourhood provision store uncle were an integral part of our growing up years. This series of works will reintroduce us to these tradesmen who have long been forgotten in the modern and industrial age of machines. The finesse of the creases ironed out and smoothened byGangaram Dhobi, the aroma of a hot cup of tea by Ganpat Chaiwala, the fun of knowing one’s destiny by our very own Tota Shastri; one cannot help but walk down the memory lanes to revisit our lost childhood and its uniqueness, the lazy winter afternoons visited by the Dhuniya and broken by the aalap of Ustad Rahmat Ilahi.  It is quite interesting to see how Amrit uses the limitation of space and size to bring out the best with regards to the features specific to each character.

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Chander boot polish

Size: 10” x 7.5” Year: 2017