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Step Into My World

Amrit is a young artist on the autism spectrum. She established an incredible connection with colours, patterns and rhythms at an early age. 


With little to say in person, Amrit speaks through her paintings with unbridled clarity. The inspiration as always are the common people, the day to day affairs of men and women who we pass by, never sparing a thought or a glimpse.  These unsung characters are transformed into strong, vibrant personas on her canvas.


Her sense of composition along with the use of a distinct colour palette touches the soul and transcends the art aficionados into a world of sublime fantasy. 


Come, step into her world and see it with her eyes. You will see the difference.

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The Reason I Jump


The Reason I Jump has been one of the most cherished events in Amrit's life. It was an honor to be part of such a life-changing experience as it gave Amrit the opportunity to reach out to all you wonderful people.


It also gave her a chance to work alongside Jerry Rothwell, an incredible human being and an award-winning director. To think that Amrit would be walking alongside Jerry in a fish market while Ruben and Sara followed along with tons of equipment or to have them join us at home for Diwali, these moments will always remain with us. 

Perhaps the most treasured takeaway from this experience has been the support and love received from the Jump Moms and Dads (Stevie, Bertra, Donna, Mary and Peter). The love that you all have given to Amrit and to us is something we can never thank you enough for. This documentary has changed the way the world sees Amrit and how we see Amrit's world.

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